Playground Fundraiser

Help us build a playground!

Our new "School With a Heart" will open in September and we would love to have a great new outdoor play space to go along with this wonderful brand new facility!

Due to the construction of the new school, some of our older playground equipment needed to be removed. Our students are currenlty using Freedom Park Playground that was built five years ago. This playground is fantastic but is too small for our growing student population. We are planning for a new outdoor play space that will meet the needs of all of our children, from the smallest preschoolers to our Grade 4s. The playground would also be accessible 

to all children in the community outside of school hours.

How can you help?

Our new school will feature a Heart Donor Wall in the foyer that will recognize people who contribute to our playground. The large 8'X10" Heart Donor Wall will be made up of different sized hearts that will be engraved with the names of donors:

     Gold Heart - Donation of $5,000 or more

     Pink Heart - Donation of $500 or more

     Red Heart - Donation of $100 or more

     Donations can be made by contacting the school at 780-639-3107.

     Charitable donation receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.

     Thank you to everyone for their support! We can't wait to show you our new  school and our new playground!